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Universal Entrance Technologies (UET)

Universal Entrance Technologies (UET), the exclusive agent for several international companies, is specialized in providing all types of entrances used for commercial buildings, huge shopping centers, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, cinemas and others.  In addition, UET is also specialized in providing security systems for airports, departments, government buildings, banks, embassies, etc…


Products provided by UET :

  1. Revolving Doors: BOON EDAM, Holland
  2. Automatic Doors: KABA-Switzerland ; GEZE-Germany ; and MANUSA- Spain
  3. Glass Sliding Walls: HAWA-Switzerland
  4. Automatic Gates: FAAC-Italy

Universal Entrance Technologies (UET) introduces the most modern entrance systems in the world.


UET is concerned in all kinds of entrances for residential and commercial buildings.


UET represents famous European companies such as:

Modern Entrances from